Operation Processes

1.After registering in our website, Easy2Go will give you the username and password for the overseas warehouse.

2.To avoid unnecessary delay and unexpected cost, please note that

a.make sure all the goods are firmly packed which is essential in the process of transition.

b.all documents required by Customs shall be submitted to us in advance, including invoice, packing list, related certificates, etc. 

c.copies of the documents required shall be shipped with the goods.

3.You could deliver your goods to our warehouse in Ireland, or, we can pick them up in your warehouse.

4.When your goods arrive our warehouse, we will conduct a through inspection on your goods as well as documents and take photos when necessary. We will draft a report and email it to you. At the same time, the online “stock system” will be updated with notification of any damages during delivery.

5.When your goods are sold online, you shall input the reference numbers of the goods as well as the and their record numbers in the warehouse.

Also, you need to input the customers’ details (full name, address, mobile number) so we can arrange the deliver as soon as possible.

6.Once the goods are on the way, we will update the proposed delivery time, which shall normally be 1-3 days.

Note: Failure of any of the above requirement or drawbacks in goods may cause delay in Customs or return delivery. In that event, you rather than Easy2Go shall take all responsibility and cover all the cost. If necessary, we could help you to discard, recycle or reship the goods.